Tarot Reflections the Ten of Pentacles

Tarot Reflections the Ten of Pentacles

Tarot Reflections the Ten of Pentacles
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This card is a great one for building new opportunities and focusing on potential. This is a feel good card :). The man and woman meet in the middle of the village symbolizing unity. Around them dogs play and an old man sits watching, children run about. It shows how people coming together in the spirit of community and lifting one another up are a great blessing.

Often it seems as a society we have lost a lot of our openness. This card reminds us that all sorts of benefits come from connecting with others – even those with whom we may have differences of opinion etc. All kinds make the world go round and cooperation is always better than conflict.

The Ten of Pentacles/Coins

When the ten of pentacles comes up it talks about prosperity and abundance.  This card says it’s a great time to come together with others in the spirit of cooperation – which leads to growth and better opportunities for everyone involved.

This card also speaks of taking time to focus on what matters – enjoy time with your family or take a few moments to call on a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. This is a very social card – so take time today to value your connections with others. No need to be a lone wolf – today you may find someone who has just the answer you have been looking for.

This card also speaks of responsibilities towards community and being a good neighbor. Look for ways in which you can contribute something of value to society. Those positive actions bless and reward others and uplift the whole group. Charity and kindness also have a way of returning blessings and support to us in our own times of need.

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