Numerology Reading – Where to Get an Accurate Reading?

Numerology Reading – Where to Get an Accurate Reading?
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Where to Find the Best Numerology Reading Online!

Have you been reading those Numerology forecasts mentioned in the random websites online and feel how true it can be?

We know that Numerology is popular and almost every random website offers free numerology calculators and then a free forecast. But Isn’t it very difficult to guess which Numerology chart is accurate and which one is not?

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I check my Name Numerology details on almost all websites I come across on Numerology and see the variations in predictions. That leaves me confused & thinking if it is really true.

That’s not all folks, I have also lost so much money on these websites claiming to be true but no help. That made me do more research on what numerology is and I came across one such website that offers genuine readings but before that let me take you through what I have collected from my experience:


  1. What are Numerology readings?
  2. Components of Numerology
  3. Finding the Best Numerologist online?
  4. Who can get these readings?
  5. Are these readings true?
  6. What are the different types of Numerology?
  7. What will a Numerologist Tell me?
  8. How to identify a true, legit Numerologist.
  9. Type of services you can get?
  10. How can you contact them?
  11. How much does a Numerology session cost?
  12. Pros and Cons of Numerology readings.

What are Numerology readings?

Numbers are mystical. Their relationship to the Universe and individual lives have intrigued men and women for centuries. Numerology is the study of such numbers in our lives that play an important role,

The Numbers those are related to numerology are very simple ie. Numerology number 1 to Numerology Number 9 which holds the world. Apart from these, there are master numbers ie. Number 11 & Number 22 with Karmic debt which are 13, 14, 16 & 19 (primarily used for Pythagorean Numerology)

There are also other powerful numbers used in the readings such as number 111, Number 222, Number 333, Number 444, Number 555, Number 666 and so on.

You may find many Name readings, Personal Readings, Numerology compatibility readings online on “Numerology” whether it is paid or free, in person or online, which can only provide innumerable benefits for those who pay attention & intending to use it for betterment of their own lives.

You may take your own call after reading the entire post on how numerology works and thank us later.

Components of Numerology

The basic concept of Numerology is they add the sum of your Date of birth and derive a number which is called your Life path Number. This is a very important number for anyone as it tells about the journey of their life.

Then there is Name Numerology, ie. Calculating the numeric values of the alphabets in your Name. They are used for Astro-Numerology as well as Western Numerology.

Other numbers most popularly used in Numerology are – Pinnacle Numbers, Challenge Numbers, Destiny Numbers, Talent Numbers, Psychic Numbers, Personality Numbers, Heart’s Desire Numbers, Soul Numbers , Ultimate Numbers etc. The list is endless and interesting.

Who can get these readings?

You may have in mind that who can get these readings or if there is any age criteria for this reading then let me assure you, anyone of us can get the readings. Whether you are a school kid, whether you are a teenager, whether you are a Mother or father, whether you are a grandparent there is no age limit for these readings and they are SAFE.

All you should have is you Name and Date of birth for these readings and you are all set up. Bear in mind that these readings will be accurate only if your details are accurate.

How to Contact to a Numerologist?

Just follow these four steps:

1. Go to our verified psychic site,

2. Sign-up and select your tarot reader.

3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.

4. The psychic will call you for the reading! Impressed by the insight you were given?

Tell us about it in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Are these readings true?

A lot of people like me, often question if Numbers have the power to give accurate readings. The simple answer is YES they do. You may find 2 type of readings online : Free or paid. These free readings on most websites are computer generated and not personalized for each one.

Sometimes for these paid readings as well it is difficult to identify if you are getting a good service after all it your hard earned money. Trusting someone with your personal details can be challenging.

What are the different types of Numerology?

1. Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagoras believed that everything in the universe can be explained with numbers. His exact quote was “all things are numbers”. Pythagoras used mathematics only for spiritual reasons. The alphabets used in this system are simply placed in the series of 1-9 and then repeated.

2. Chaldean / Hebrew Kabbalah

Chaldean or “Mystic Numerology” is the older numerology of the two numerology systems. While Chaldean Numerology is considered more accurate, it’s less popular. This is because the Chaldean Numerology system is not as easy to master, and the alphabet values are not in as systematic an order as the other Numerology system.

The name, when we analyze under Chaldean Numerology, gives a more occult or meta physical flavor to the destiny that’s interwoven into the person’s character. Chaldean Numerology indicates the hidden forces or invisible strings at play behind the scenes.

3. Cheiro Numerology

In Cheiro’s method, each number and letter have a meaning like all other methods of numerology. Each number represents a string of letters or a date special to some person. Those numbers are broken down into symbols that represent personality based on planets and elements. It is similar to Chaldean but the only difference is that Chiero has related these numbers to Planets like

4.Chinese Numerology

Also popular as the Lo-shu grid method, Chinese numerology is all about a 3×3 grid which is fascinating. Why? Because you can calculate it from anywhere and it will sum up to 15.

What will a Numerologist Tell me?

For Personal Numerology readings, you will be asked your Name and your Date of birth as the Numbers are derived from these 2 things only.

Numerologist may you any method to calculate your details as all of them are used for different purposes but the results you can get are incomparable. Your Numerologist will have a lot to tell you about your life in detail to which you may wonder how they would have guessed so much with such minimum information. See, that is the power of a real person with knowledge.

What to expect in Numerology Readings?

In these type of readings you can get to know about:

  • The journey of your life,
  • The opportunities that will help you grow,
  • The challenges you would face in your life,
  • How you are as a person,
  • How do you deal with people
  • How to enhance your Luck with Numerology
  • Things that can be lucky for you based on Numerology
  • How much popularity does your Name creates for you

How to identify a true, legit Numerologist:

It is important to know that your money and personal details are in safe hands. Let me explain how you can identify a true, legit Numerologist.

Check-list for Numerologist
  • They will ask you about your general details like name, date of birth, company name, spouse name or the date when your company was registered but will not ask you about your bank details, personal attributes etc.
  • They will assure you that your details are safe with them.

Type of services you can get?

Your Numerologist will provide you these type of consultations based on your situation.

  1. Personal Numerology consultation

In this Numerology reading, the numerologist will analyze your date of birth & Full Name. They will derive different numbers from these 2 information of you and tell you about your personality, fears, challenges, life journey etc.

  1. Personal Name correction

What if the Numerologist tells you that your name does not coincides with your Date of birth? You may have been suffering a lot of setbacks in life because of this incorrect name. So what is to be done? The Numerologist will tell you to go for a Name change as a remedy.

  1. Business Numerology Forecast

Your business might be a separate entity but when it comes to predicting fortunes it is no different. Everyone wants to know how their business would do in future. This is one of the most popular numerology readings and very quick also to know the future of your business.

  1. Business Name correction

After this increasing awareness among people to have a good business name as a prerequisite, it is a good idea to keep it as per numerology. Why? because with the help of numerology, your business name would create an impression for you & if it is good, it will help you reap financial rewards as well. YES we are serious.

  1. Personality analysis through Numerology

Who would mind if a number can tell your innermost personality, fears, challenges and the theme your life will be following? A personality analysis through Numerology is very helpful feature by the help of which you can know the personality of anyone.

If you are getting married and want to know the personality of your would be, it can help and because they are really quick, they are the most preferred.

  1. Lucky House number / Mobile Number etc

House number as per Numerology? Yes! It can not only tell you the Impressions your house number is creating for you but it can also tell you if you are happy being at home. YES Folks.

Your mobile number also creates an impact because it is something that people know you with. It is a source by the help of which people get in touch with you and most importantly it has vibrations that affects our lives.

How to Contact a Numerologist?

There are hundreds of websites and contacts shared on internet out of which only a few are genuine. Listing out some of the best websites where you can get all genuine and correct Numerology readings (Not computerized but based on real knowledge)

You can trust your personal information with them as they will not be shared with any third parties. These are given here.

You simply have to visit the website & register to get a reading.

Kasamba – This websites has been offering great readings for almost 2 years now & it has over 60 readers. YES! These psychics are available 24 hours a day and have special offers and a money back if you aren’t satisfied. What??? YES you got it right. Readings are provided majorly by Chats & some offer phone readings

What is the special offer? You get first 3 minutes free. Really! They also run half price per minute specials combined with these free 3 minutes which is really very affordable for anyone. Isn’t a great deal?

Keen This is one of the biggest websites with almost 110 divination experts. They are expert advisers in all areas of life including the adult matters and issues that is why you have to be atleast 18 to continue to their site.

What is the special offer? They are giving a promotional offer for new customers, offering a 10-minute reading for $1.99. Apart from this, there are readers that offer first 3 minutes free. Seriously!

Oranum – It is a Poland based site which offers readings in multiple languages. This website has over 250 psychics who offer Live webcam readings. All readings are done via Video chats only.

What is the special offer? Many of these readers offer free chats! Whatttt? YES FREE CHATS! You can get credits if you register.

Ask Now – This is a website which offers readings by chats and phone. These psychics are the emerging talents who are outstanding in their knowledge.

What is the special offer? They give you first question free. Apart from this, they offer introductory offers at $20 for 20 minutes & $30 for 30 minutes plus 5 free Elite/Master minutes. Their aim is to promote their services and give maximum customer satisfaction. It is a must try!

Psychic Source One of the best and old websites in fortune telling. They have been giving readings for almost 30 years now. They have many readers from which you can choose one by putting a filter.

What is the special offer? New customers can avail first 3 minutes free and $1 per minute for upto 30 minutes. Woah!! That is an exciting affordable offer.

How much does a Numerology session cost?

You may find some posts online claiming to give free numerology readings to hundred USD. The websites we have listed above have all the answers to your life starting from $1.99 per minute, and go up to $50 per minute. But.. You will also get initial 3 minutes FREE! Now that’s a big deal!

It is not about how much one pays, it is about the experience they get from the reader. You will definitely feel more empowered and enlightened about your life after this reading.

Pros and Cons of Numerology readings:


  • These readings are easy to determine the relationship compatibility. Unlike other psychic readings it does not take more than 5 minutes to derive the most important numbers of a person and provide a compatibility reading.
  • It gives you a direction for life. Based on certain numbers by your details, you can easily know the purpose of your life.
  • They are quick. You can easily save your time and get these readings quick.


  • You need to know your exact date of birth for these calculations. Apart from this there are almost no cons of numerology readings.

You need to know your exact date of birth for these calculations. Apart from this there are almost no cons of numerology readings.

Before you go for your reading, I would like you to know is that it is a very powerful and sacred knowledge. Not claiming it to be 100% true as the results may vary if your intentions are not genuine or you just want to take it for fun.

I am not trying to convince but would definitely recommend you for an extraordinary experience which you will not regret. It is difficult to spot a person with real knowledge but thankfully we have some real people who genuinely want to help the society and are not after making million bucks from you.

Ready for your first reading? Get it below and give us feedback:


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