Best FREE Psychic Reading Sites 2019

Best FREE Psychic Reading Sites 2019
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Free psychic readings can help you through LOVE, FINANCIAL, CAREER or other woes.

The first time I called up a psychic, I was also scared had no idea of what they do and how they do it. The first step is to find the best psychics and also the steps for taking a reading.

Top 3 FREE Psychic Chat Sites 2019:

You can get up to Free 3 mins at the best psychic reading operators below.

May 2019

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Keen Psychics
3 (60%) 8 votes
Expert Review
Get 3 Mins FREE!
  • 10 Mins for Only $1.99
  • 1000+ Live Tarot Readers
  • Your Love Questions Answered
Keen Psychics
3 (60%) 8 votes
Expert Review
4.4 (88%) 5 votes
Expert Review
3 Free Minutes + 50% off your first session
  • Tarot & Angel Readers
  • 10 Mins for Only $1.99
  • First 3 Mins FREE
4.4 (88%) 5 votes
Expert Review
Psychic Source
4.3 (86.67%) 3 votes
Expert Review
3 Minutes FREE on Your First Reading
  • Chat from $1 per min
  • Chat, phone AND video answers
  • Up to 90% off your first reading
Psychic Source
4.3 (86.67%) 3 votes
Expert Review

You may have come across many fake sites claiming to answer all your queries which are mostly automated and are designed to pick up keywords from your chat and, then they have preset answers ready to shoot according to the keywords.

This is the fraud which is happening these days. We felt it is our duty to warn you and make you aware, so that you do not lose trust in psychic art. Psychic Readings are losing credibility due to these fake websites and people claiming to be real psychics.

Read this post to find more about genuine and accurate psychic reading sites, so that you can get an honest review of what they do and where to find them. Now, it is easy folks!

Need Urgent Answers? 4 Steps for an INSTANT Psychic Reading online:

1. Go to our verified Psychic site,
2. Sign-up and select your psychic.
3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.
4. The psychic will call you for the reading!

Impressed? Give us your feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page! 

What are free psychic readings?

Psychic abilities are a gift of nature that only few people have. It is an ability to see what others cannot, that is why we call it a 6th sense. Some People believes that psychic abilities can be developed but, the reality is either you are born with it or you are not. A person who is a psychic is “The Chosen One” by their own destiny to help and make people aware of their situations.

Most of the people who claim themselves to be a psychic are not psychic at all. They take advantage of people and their situations to make money from them. It is an easy escape for them as some people lack in knowledge of psychic readings. So what should we do now? 

“A true psychic cannot be created, it is an inbuilt quality”

What do real psychics do?

It is not that difficult to spot a fake psychic. With some experience and a little more awareness you can identify if the psychic is real or fake and know what the real psychics do.

Real psychics Vs Fake psychics

A real psychic will

  • Help you in finding solutions and bring clarity to all areas of life
  • Help you to develop & use your intuition to find out the correct path
  • Give you 100% true, genuine and real information
  • Share both optimistic and pessimistic news in a sensitive way
  • Encourage you to focus on good areas rather than scaring you with shortcomings or negative indications

A fake psychic will

  • Scare & distort your thoughts to take more sessions,  to earn more money from you
  • Claim that they are the best & have the ability to read your mind always
  • Tell you that you’re cursed or doomed – most used lines from a fake psychic
  • Suggest you fake remedies that are costly and unethical
  • Reassure you by saying that whatever they will tell you is going to happen for sure.

Generally these fake psychics use an easy and scary line that you have a family curse or you are under a spell. They know that such things create fear and can haunt anyone. People are ready to pay huge money out of their fear, not knowing that they are frauds. Their main aim is to blackmail their customers. You should be aware & never let such fake psychics take benefit from of you.

If you want to speak to a real psychic you should get in touch with ONLY registered psychic readers. No matter what you want to know from them – maybe you wish to know about your present relationship, career, past life or any thing in general, You should always do a thorough research on their profile before telling them everything about your life.

What will a psychic reading tell me?

A true psychic can help you about issues related with any aspects of your life. They have answers to all your problems and issues. You should always remember that psychic is not a regular individual, who will only focus on what you say. They know more than what you reveal to them, they have an insight & intuition that works for a person with whom they connect themselves.

A true legitimate psychic will tell you about

You may frame the questions like :

  • Love Life – How will my love life be in the future? Is he/she the right person for me?
  • Business – How is this business for me? Should I go for this business?
  • Health – What are the reasons for my health sufferings? When should I expect relief from my present situation?
  • Career – Will I get this promotion? Is there anyone at my workplace who is playing some dirty tactics against me?
  • Finances – How will my finances be in the future?
  • Spirituality – How will my spiritual Journey be ahead? 

These are only general questions, you may ask any question as per your requirements. Your psychic will be able to answer ANY of your questions. They have answers for all your problems.

How can I ensure that this free psychic reading is accurate?

These readings run on a particular belief system through which only you can tell that whatever the psychic is telling you is in your favour or not. For an outsider or third person, it is difficult to say that the reading you have got is accurate or not because it is not for them, it is customized for you.

You may follow some tips to ensure that you get the best psychic and accurate readings:

  • Always get yourself registered on a verified website for psychic readings for free. This will enhance chances of readings being genuine because these websites do not hire people blindly. All these recommended websites hire psychics through a test of their abilities before they provide readings online
  • Their fees will always have transparency. This is a major factor to ensure that they are not after your money and will tell you the price structure in advance.
  • Free psychic readings will be available for new customers. For example, Kasamba gives you 3 free mins with each psychic in order to trial each psychic before you commence with payment.
  • They will use a kind of prop – cards, crystal ball, dowsing tool, or any kind of divination method. If they don’t then they may check your aura, may ask you to bring anything that you use frequently etc but will never touch you inappropriately or tell you stupid things on calls.

How can I contact these psychics?

When you search for psychic reading or free psychic readers online, it shows numerous results including the fake ones. In fact the fake ones appear 10 times more in search engine results than the real ones. When we have personal questions, we simply cannot trust anyone and disclose our issues. We should always discuss our personal life with a trusted person on a verified platform.

We have listed out these websites just for you. These websites offer a first class service to their customers and yes they value your privacy. Your details are not shared on any platform, by any means so you can expect a safe, secure and personalized reading.


Kasamba is one of the popular, unique, and chat-based online psychic reading platform with more than 60 psychics. They have a simple & easy website which is easy to use for anyone. The best part about this website is that you can easily locate different types of psychics based on the problems you have. For example, if you have specific questions about relationships, career, family, finances etc. You can choose from a list of psychics registered under that specific area of your life and chat with them. It is that simple. Their mode of readings are generally by chat, some of them offer phone readings as well. It has psychics that are available 24×7. You can speak to them anytime and get your answers.

A bonus point with this platform is that they have multi-lingual Psychics that are available in different languages from across the world. There are celebrity psychics as well listed on Kasamba. It can be a good opportunity to get in touch with them if you won’t mind spending a little higher fees.

If you sign up to Kasamba now, you’ll get 3 FREE mins to spend with any psychic advisor!

Ask Now

Ask Now is a fantastic psychic platform that has  some of the best known psychics and tarot card readers. Ask Now is one of the few websites that offers readings in English and Spanish.

That is not all folks, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service. I don’t think any other platform gives this opportunity. How can you seek your money back if not satisfied? You have to contact their customer support team and they will refund your money, no questions asked.

Currently Ask Now is offering 15 minutes for $10, plus you get an additional 5 free minutes with one of their Master Psychics!


Keen has a one of the largest networks of multi-talented psychics and readers. They are easy to contact and are relatively low cost. This can be an economical choice as some of the readers charge $5.00 per minute or less. This is not all, their ratings are also between 4-5 and they offer maximum client satisfaction. It also allows you to find a psychic based on the category of question you have like – love, family, finances etc.

The best part about this is that after each call/consultation, you can give the psychic an anonymous rating or review to express your opinion on their services. Keen lets you sign in only if you are 18+ because they also offer you to discuss on your private issues.

Call up Keen now and get 3 free mins on your first call, or 10 mins for only $1.99!


Oranum is a new psychic reading website in the United States, after many successful years in their home country of Poland. Oranum offers a webcam based reading service to their clients and the first ones in the market to do so.

Don’t be disappointed if you are not comfortable in a video chat or you don’t have a webcam because you can still get a reading from Oranum Psychics.  How? Type your questions into the chat box of your chat and you will get your answers. It is always preferred that you speak directly to your psychic reader for a better experience because sometimes things are better expressed face to face than chats.

There are a number of psychics listed on these websites from which you can directly search them and connect with the one you like.

Sign up to Oranum and get 10 mins of FREE Credits Now!


Beacon Truth

Beacon truth is a new psychic website. It runs on the belief that the readings should be transparent and honest. They are really genuine in their approach with their customers & focuses only on compassionate, professional and ethical psychic readers. The online readers appear at the top of the feed on their website. They focus on giving best customer service that is why if you are not happy with the reader in the first 3 minutes of your free reading, you can ask them to change your psychic and no extra money will be charged.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source are one of the oldest in the industry & has the best psychic readers that we have reviewed. Every Psychic listed on Psychic source undergoes an internal certification and testing before they actually come to provide readings on the platform. For them, customer feedback is very important. If a customer is unhappy with their paid reading, they can get in touch with them to get the payment reversed. They call it a Psychic source satisfaction guarantee.

You can also call their toll free number to take their help to decide which Psychic to get a reading from. They will also help you in setting up your Psychic Source account if you need assistance. They offer all modes of readings like – live psychic telephone readings, chat readings and even video readings on all aspects of life.

How much does a psychic charge for a reading?

The online Psychic Readings may cost somewhere $1.99 to $50 per minute. Some of them are too costly and shadowy that it is hard to trust them with our hard earned money. That is why we have reviewed and compared these websites with our recommended ones to find out the best deal for you!

Our reviewed websites on an average offer 10 minutes readings for as low as $1.99, along with first 3 minute of free readings. Now that is what we call a BIG DEAL!! We cannot even think of getting a genuine psychic reading as low as $1.99 but this is not a joke! Such an offer gives you more minutes to discuss your readings. Don’t miss these offers, and search for them now on the recommended websites.

Can I get a free reading?

Getting a free reading when we need it the most, is something that cannot be missed, but how to grab this offer and where to find it is a big question! Don’t worry! Here we are giving you BIG NEWS!

YES, YOU CAN GET 3 MINUTES FREE READING NOW!!!!!!! All you have to do is, go to our recommended websites, register yourself and ask for a free reading. See how simple it is!

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