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Dreams are so mysterious, strange, sometimes illogical, occasionally irrational and even a little (or a lot) crazy.  They can entertain, distress, inspire or evoke strong emotion. It’s almost as though we are experiencing a different existence when it comes to our dreams.

But do our dreams mean anything? And can we learn anything from our dreams?

The answer is yes on both counts, dreams offer us the secret key to what is really happening in the unknown world of what we cannot see, sense or hear and what we cannot logically understand.

Here’s what you need to know about how dream tarot readings can help you understand your dreamworld.


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Why We Should Pay Attention To Our Dreams

Dreams are incredibly symbolic and loaded with unconscious messages that we receive as we sleep.  They are not just random events that occur with no meaning, and they can help you to understand issues related to your past, present and future. Dreams can be your best advisors, help you know yourself better, they can give you warnings and help you to stay on the right life path.  

Working with and paying attention to our dreams will help us incredibly as we move through life.

How We Can Pay Attention To Our Dreams

Dream analysis is no new thing. It allows us to try to interpret the symbols or meanings of our dreams into something that makes sense and there are a variety of ways that you can understand your dreams.  

Here are some examples;

  • By studying the meaning of the symbols.
  • Keeping a dream diary and noticing repetitive dreams and typical patterns.
  • Visiting a professional dream analyst or hypnotherapist.
  • Having a dream tarot reading.

But here’s the problem with some of these sources.

Learning The Meaning Of The Symbols

Will only uncover the general meanings of the symbols,  unless you spend a lot of time meditating on the symbols.  And we might reject aspects of the symbols that are meaningful but that we don’t like.

We also receive symbols in our dreams that are unique to us but that we don’t understand the meaning half the time (at least we don’t consciously).

A Dream Diary

Is a good idea, and worth considering, for future reference but you’ll still need to figure out how to translate the dreams!

Hiring A Dream Analyst or Hypnotherapist

Ok, hands up, I’ve never personally visited a professional dream analyst, but I would guess that they will help you to understand the messages of your dreams and provide some actionable steps on how to implement the messages into your life if needed.  But dream analysts are few and far between and are not likely to be on everybody’s doorstep.

A hypnotherapist for sure will be very good at helping you to determine your own personal meaning of the symbols you see in your dreams and even some parts of your dream.  As a Hypnotherapist myself I can vouch that this is entirely normal and possible.

But the problem is that it’s impossible to know whether what you experience in a dream is real, and what is generated from a movie, book, or your own fantasy.  Because every time we watch a movie or read a book our unconscious mind thinks that it’s real – it cannot discern the difference. So in some ways, hypnosis (which taps into the unconscious mind) can be accidentally misleading when it comes to dream interpretation.

A Dream Tarot Reading

Is quite the solution and ticks all the boxes.  You see the cards never lie. You cannot control what the cards are going to say, they know you better than you know yourself and so they will accurately tell you what is real about your dreams and what is fantasy.  You will be able to use a dream tarot reading to help you understand whether your dream was real and what you need to do (if anything) with the messages in your dream.

What is a Dream Tarot Reading?

A dream tarot reading can vary in style and intention, but it generally involves an analysis of dreams by using the tarot cards.  The beauty of a dream tarot reading is that the messages cannot be controlled, influenced or manipulated. So the cards will accurately identify the central messages of your dreams that are important, and help you discard anything that is irrelevant.  

A dream tarot reading can also help you to understand what you can, or should do with the information you receive!  

There are different styles of dream tarot readings and spreads, which are only limited to imagination and can provide different insights and outcomes.   

For example;

  • You might want to understand what parts of your dream are important for you to acknowledge and respond to consciously.  
  • You might want to start to understand what your unique symbols mean which can be accomplished using a dream diary and a dream tarot reading.  
  • You might just want to know why you had a dream in the first place and what it meant.  

The first type of reading will give more insight, but the latter will be a fun experience as you learn more about how your mind works through the medium of dreams!  Which includes understanding your own unique symbols and how much you might fantasise in your sleep! And this is why dream analysis, through dream tarot readings are so accurate and so much fun!

Who is a Dream Tarot Reading For?

  • People who experience recurring dreams.
  • If you want to find out what a strange dream means.
  • If you are curious about the common symbols, or visions in your dreams and their meanings.
  • To find out more about your ‘hidden self’ through dream work.
  • If you want to work on your personal development.

Different Ways To Conduct A Dream Tarot Reading

Symbols Dream Tarot Reading

A dream tarot reading focused on translating the symbols that you see during your dreams will help you to understand the meaning that your unconscious mind assigns to these symbols (even if they differ to anything that you read in a book). Which means that eventually, you’ll be able to translate your dreams yourself without the need for any further assistance!

Dream Tarot Reading

A general dream tarot reading, focusing on either a collection of dreams or a specific dream will tell you what’s occurring in your dreamworld from a general perspective.  

One Card Dream Tarot Reading

This is a quick and easy dream tarot reading that you could do on your own, knowing that if you get stuck on translating a card, you can always call a tarot reader for help to translate the meaning!  

To find out more about different types of one card tarot readings, or for more detailed instruction on how to conduct a one card tarot reading this article will help you: One Card Tarot Reading

Dream Tarot Spread

It’s also possible to focus the layout of the spread onto a specific one, related to dreams. Just focus on your dream, shuffle the cards and lay five cards out, the first card you lay will represent number 1 and the final card number 5.

Here’s what each card represents for a dream tarot spread:

  1. Why am I having this dream?
  2. What does this dream have to tell me?
  3. What is the hidden message in this dream?
  4. Is there a lesson or advice to be taken from this dream?
  5. How do I apply the lesson or advice to my waking life?

Questions You Can Ask During A Dream Tarot Reading

  • What is this symbol trying to tell me.
  • What is my dream bringing my awareness to
  • What are the lessons I could learn from this dream.
  • What does this dream mean
  • What aspects of my dream were real and what were influenced by movies.
  • What has happened to cause me to dream this dream.

The Pros and Cons Of Getting Dream Tarot Reading


  • Find out what’s on your unconscious mind.
  • Provides opportunity to explore what you don’t know about yourself and your experiences.
  • Helps you to identify habits that you could improve or enhance.
  • Can provide insight into where you go in your sleep and other non-worldly elements of life.
  • Plenty of choice of readers and reading styles to suit your tastes
  • Professional readers provide high quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating.


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You cannot control the message.  
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • It’s difficult to determine what from your dreams is real, what is the unknown and what is influenced by movies, books and fantasies.  

What You Can Expect From Your Dream Tarot Reading

You’ll learn from your dream tarot reading what parts of your dream might be real and what might be fantasy or just an illogical way of clearing out the metaphoric debris from your mind.  

But your attention may also be drawn to aspects of your life that are represented through your dreams that can influence your life for the better, particularly if you address them consciously.

Where To Find the Best Readers Online

Most experienced tarot readers will be able to use their cards to help you analyse your dreams. However, some readers specialise in dream analysis and are fully prepared and ready to start working on your dreams right now.    


Here are our favourite tarot reading sites;

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Are you ready to delve into the depths of your dreams today?  

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