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SGT features free and professional Tarot readings for insight, spiritual growth & self-mastery done by Christin, an intuitive tarot expert with nearly 30 years of experience.

Learn the truth about Tarot, what it really is, and how it can help you discover your true talents, feelings, and motivations.

  • Learn to become self-disciplined and confident instead of self-defeating.
  • Gain tools for spiritual growth and self-mastery.
  • Overcome self-sabotaging habits; even at the subconscious level.
  • Understand how to look at yourself with objectivity, acceptance, and compassion.
  • Discover how to expand your awareness.
  • Get inspired to become the best you can be!

The free resources here provide tools for you to transform your life through the exploration of your inner world. You’ll learn how to manifest what you truly want and deserve in life, rather than settling for less.

Is it an easy journey? No, probably not. The truth is the path of least resistance is never the path to enlightenment. To gain all these benefits, you must be willing to work on yourself.

Once you make a commitment, you’ll be surprised by how amazing you feel and that is the catalyst to keep seeking and growing.

This site offers free DIY Tarot readings and professional services.

The Truth About Tarot

Have realistic expectations. Tarot is not an “easy answer” provider or magic wand. It is merely a tool to provide insight. As we look at various patterns together; we can gain an idea and understanding about what has happened and is happening presently, and where things are likely heading according to the path you are following at this point.

Fortune Telling is a Load of Nonsense…

Say what? – That’s right!

I am not a fortune teller. I don’t wear funny clothes, wave wands and tell you I have all the answers to your life for only 3.99 per minute. I believe in empowering you!

I can’t do that if I pretended to have the ability to wield some kind of magic “all knowing” power over my clients. Free will and personal choice are gifts that everyone should treasure.

Life is not easy. It is full of trials and lessons. We come here to learn how to expand ourselves, to grow through experience. In life, all of us will experience both joy and sorrow.

We will make mistakes and have those periodic “DOH!” moments as Homer Simpson would say 😉 We will all love, laugh, cry, hate, experience the heights of bliss and the depths of despair.

All of these things are what weave this beautiful, multi-faceted tapestry of experiences we call life. With them you can thrive or crumble – I want to see you reach the heights of your fullest potential and that’s only possible through personal effort and understanding. 

What determines the value of your life is not the mistakes, the pains, and other hardships. Those who live joyful lives also face challenges. It is what you do with those experiences that shape who you become, and ultimately how fulfilling your life is.

My job is to teach you to view your challenges as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

I use the Tarot and its imagery to show you the different possibilities and then I allow you to make your own decisions. It goes against all I have learned and all I believe in to take a “fortune teller” approach to Tarot.

A fortune teller makes you feel your life is predetermined and out of your power.  That simply isn’t true and why I say – fortune telling is nonsense.  Your actions and beliefs shape your reality.

Tarot Readings – Free and Professional

You can try 3 different “DIY” readings here that should provide good insight, but if you need more in-depth guidance consider an affordable, professional reading with me via email or live via private chat (free transcript provided!). I have almost 30 years of tarot reading experience and doing intuitive work.

I am not a “big business”, like many other Tarot sites. I don’t use software to give generic readings. I do this as a side business in the spirit of love of helping others. You will never find “per minute” charges on this website.

For that reason, my website is very simple, but my readings are professional and done in the spirit of love, honesty and compassion. Thanks for considering a professional reading with me.

Spiritual Guidance Tarot has been home to free tarot readings for personal growth and self-mastery for over 18 years and I look forward to many more to come!