which path tarot reading

Which Path Tarot Reading

I developed this original spread to look deeply into difficult decisions. In life, there are many crossroads, where we have to pick a path. These choices are sometimes agonizing and create a great deal of questioning and second guessing. This spread is designed to analyze two choices in detail and to resolve some of the conflict faced when choosing a direction.

Exploring both sides of the story helps the questioner make a more empowered decision. Instead of worry over making the “wrong” choice; one can look at the potential pros and cons of each potential path and make a more well-rounded decision. Ultimately, every choice leads to experiences we learn and benefit from. This spread just helps you better see those options.

This spread is ideal for making a decision between two things, for example “I was offered two jobs, what surrounds job A and job B”. or a “should I stay with my current employer or start my own freelancing business”. etc. Use this spread to focus on two specific, related choices.

The Positions and Their Meanings

  • Position 1:
    Focus: Where you are now and what surrounds your current situation
  • Position 2:
    Choice One: Highlights the first choice facing the querrent
  • Position 3:
    Choice Two: Highlights the second choice facing the querrent
  • Position 4:
    Potential for Choice One: Highlights the potential of the first choice, the best you can hope for
  • Position 5:
    Potential for Choice Two: Highlights the potential of the 2nd choice, the best you can hope for
  • Position 6:
    Hidden Aspects: Highlights any unseen obstacles or situations that the querrent may be presently unaware of.
  • Position 7:
    Summation: Highlights and ties together all of the other cards to help the querrent make the most empowered decision.

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