major arcana wheel of fortune One Card Tarot Reading The Wheel of Fortune

A cycle of destiny in progress. The main lesson of this card is that things are always changing, so never let yourself get too comfortable. Complacency and remaining stationary causes stagnation and sometimes even a reversal of fortune.

When you are willing to go with the flow of life and can accept both the ups and downs as part of the whole circle; you will find a sense of power and be open to more opportunities.

Recognizing the cyclical nature of life gives you the faith to endure challenges and the hope and wisdom to seek positive new directions.

In life we will all have various up/down cycles; in the end, all things serve a purpose. Take all of your experiences and grow from them. If you are in a “down” cycle just now, hang tight – things will come around again. If you are in an “up” cycle, bless that feeling but don’t become too attached. Always look for new ways to grow and shift.

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