free 3 card tarot reading 2 of cupsFree 3 Card Tarot Reading the Two of Cups


This card represents uniting of opposites and creating harmony to ensure good health. When it comes up; you benefit from focusing on areas that balance your health – for example, mind/body practices like yoga. Also, if you are focusing on a healthy diet, but not active or vice versa; this card tells you that you need to balance both for optimal health.


This card speaks of healing and cooperation. It tends to come up around cooperative partnerships where both parties work to bring healing and encouragement to one another. At this time, you would benefit by seeking a supportive environment to promote harmony and balance.

This card also speaks of the benefits of carefully balancing the different aspects of your being. If you are too ” in your head” at this time, try adding in more spiritual and physical activities to counterbalance.


This is a card of healing and returning to a sense of peace and inner harmony. Focus your energies on bringing more of your spiritual and higher wisdom to your daily routines. It will help keep you relaxed and focused, ease anxieties and promote wholeness.

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