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Three of Swords Tarot CardFree Three Card Tarot Reading Three of Swords


Three of Swords speaks of pains of the heart and periods of grief. It suggests that you may be under a period of higher than normal stress and should engage in activities that help you manage the negative impacts.

This card also features the heart specifically and can indicate a good time to focus on heart and cardiovascular health whether physical, emotional or both.


This card speaks of coming through a major disappointment or period of grief or sorrow. It can speak of any form of grief or regret and indicates a need to work with the process of release so that you can enter a healthier place mentally and emotionally. Release allows you to welcome new paths and move forward with a “clean slate” approach to life.


This is a card of heartache and grief, but also recovery and finding new inspiration in life. It indicates that although you have had some very difficult experiences; you have used them to grow. As a result, you may feel a spiritual calling or natural inclination to help others overcome their grief or major life challenges.

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