free 3 card tarot reading three of cupsFree Three Card Reading Three of Cups


This is a card of cooperation and celebration and can indicate good or improving health, all aspects working together harmoniously. It also speaks of learning to listen to and work with your body intuitively to give it what it needs.  This card is a perfect representation of the harmony that is achieved when body, mind, and spirit are aligned.


This card represents harmony and suggests that a focus on positive mental health now will help improve your health and outlook on all levels. Engage in activities that involve mind, body, and spirit for the best results.


This is a card that speaks of joy in the simple things, the harmony of body/mind/spirit, reaching a place where all aspects of yourself are working in unison. Engage in activities that soothe the soul, calm the mind and also engage the body for a joyful experience.

Dance is an excellent example of a natural activity that frees both mind and spirit and benefits the body. Let yourself celebrate life and good or improved health will follow.

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