six card diamond tarot spread

Six Card Diamond Tarot Reading

This is one of my original spreads designed to be versatile and thorough. This exclusive six card spread can be focused on a specific issue for deeper insight, or used as a general reading to get an overall outlook at where you are and where things are headed.

I created this spread to be short, but to cover a lot of bases. It displays the flow of events from the past into the near future, as well as highlighting challenges/obstacles, and the best course of action to make the most of your circumstances.

The Positions and Their Meanings

  • Position One: The top of the diamond represents the current circumstances and/or specific issue of concern. What surrounds the querrent presently.
  • Position Two: indicates current challenges. What is getting in the way or causing problems.
  • Position Three: Root position, this indicates past influences that have led up to the present. Insight into the background of the matter.
  • Position Four: Near future influences. This card depicts the flow of present events into the future, how things are likely to go according to present circumstances.
  • Position Five: Course of Action. What is the best course of action to take to make the most of present circumstances and ensure a successful future?
  • Position Six: Summation. An overview of all the previous positions that points to the likely outcome of the matter based on the other cards.

Price: $7.75


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