Relationship Tarot Reading

relationship tarot spread

This relationship spread is unique, because it is designed to look at the dynamics between two people, regardless of the type of relationship – whether it’s romance, a friendship or even a potential business partner. You can use this spread to look at compatibility and the strengths and challenges each partner brings to the relationship.

It also highlights how the people view each other and what their expectations are for the partnership. Learn how your distinct personalities mix; see if there are misunderstandings present and whether the partnership is on steady ground.

All that is needed for this spread is the first name of the other person and the type of relationship it is. You can use this spread to do your own reading, or purchase one from me and I will deliver it to you via email.

The Positions and Their Meanings

  • Position 1:
    How you see yourself
  • Position 2:
    How you see the other person
  • Position 3:
    How you feel toward the other person and the relationship
  • Position 4:
    How the other person sees him/herself
  • Position 5:
    How the person sees the querrent
  • Position 6:
    Insight into the other persons feelings towards the querrent and the relationship
  • Positions 7 & 8:
    Strengths & Challenges you bring to the relationship
  • Positions 9 & 10:
    Strengths & Challenges the Other person brings to the relationship
  • Position 11:
    Overall Compatibility: Explores based on the other cards your overall compatibility, problem solving, communications etc.
  • Position 12:
    Summation: This card is an overview of all the other positions designed to pull the reading together and highlight courses of action and methods for improving or moving away from the relationship, whichever the case may be.

Price: $15.95


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