how intuitive are you quiz

Use this test to gain some insight into your natural level of intuition and learn tips to enhance and better understand your innate abilities.

How Intuitive Are You?

Everyone has intuition, but some are more in tune with it than others. This quiz is designed to help you discover how in tune you are with your intuition and provide guidance on how you can strengthen and/or better balance your intuition so that you can make the most of it in everyday situations.

If you've ever taken an action and afterwards said to yourself "I knew I shouldn't have done that!" Chances are you aren't using your intuition to its fullest potential. If you know who is calling you when the phone rings the majority of the time - and the answer isn't given away by distinct ring tones ;), you are likely very "in tune" to the energy of others and highly intuitive.

If you are too intuitive, it can mean that you take on too much. You may feel drained around others, or experience emotions that don't seem to be natural or proportionate to your circumstances. If you are not in tune to your intuition - you may be someone who "overthinks" things to the point it becomes crippling. In that case, you can learn to let go of a false need for control and open up more as well.

So, wherever you fall on the spectrum - too high, too low, or well-balanced; there will be advice to help you make the most of your gift of inner knowing.

Enjoy! And please share this quiz with others who might also benefit from it! Remember answer as honestly as you can - there are no right or wrong answers.


You are faced with making a sudden decision and you only have 20 minutes to make your choice. How do you handle this?
How often do you daydream?
How are you with remembering details?
Do you ever experience a sense of watching yourself or others from a distance? As though you were watching something unfold on a movie screen instead of fully participating in it?
How much do you desire to please others?
How often do you participate in creative pursuits? (music, art, etc.)
Do you have immediate gut feelings about people and do you listen?
Do you prefer consistency?
In a crisis or emergency situation you:
What are your feelings about dreams - choose the statement that most closely matches your opinion on dreaming.