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Mediumship & Channeling

In this lesson we will begin to explore some of the basics of channeling and Mediumship. For those interested in developing in this area, you can feel free to join my free forum "Achieving Psychic Awareness", where we will be holding weekly chats on a variety of different topics, including development circles.

As those of you who know me are aware, I have done work as a Medium. Although I do love the practice, I have cut way back on the time I have devoted to readings in order to be able to both teach, as well as further my growth in other areas as well. Developing skills as a Medium/Channel takes a LOT of devotion, time, and a sincere desire to help others heal. It doesn't come easily for most people.

Before we get into the specifics of developing skills though, first lets discuss the differences between Mediumship and Channeling. Many use these terms interchangeable, but for my purposes I will state what they mean to me. Simply, Mediumship is the process of communicating with the spirits of the deceased loved ones who have crossed over. Channeling is the process of communicating with the Ascended Maters, our Higher Selves, the Angels.. and bringing forward messages for soul development and spiritual growth. One of the things I like to warn about with channeled material is that no matter how good the channel, channeled messages are always colored by human perceptions. This doesn't make channeled material "untrue" or "bad" or "wrong". People often ask why channeled materials sometimes conflict and that's why. Remember when we communicate with spirit it isn't like talking on the telephone to a friend, it's very different.

There was a game we used to play in school where all the children would sit in a circle. One person would start by whispering a brief story to the student next to him, and that student would whisper it to the next student, and so on an so forth. By the time you got to the end of the circles, the story had changed, and there were several different perceptions of the same original story. The same applies to channeling / Spirit work. It doesn't make any of it "wrong" but it is still imperative that with channeled material you make sure it resonates in your heart. "Does this feel true?" is the first question you should ask, leave the analytical mind and your inner skeptic out of it, and listen to your spirit ;). Remember each of us in on our own unique path, and along our path we will pick up many pieces of information, many experiences, all that we must interpret according to our own frame of reference. Do what feels right and don't do what doesn't.


Mediumship is a little different than channeling, yes it can be colored by the interpretation of the medium, but there is also someone sitting there who will validate for you "yes" or "no". Mediumship can be tricky for several reasons. First of all, those that are receiving readings typically come into the reading with ideas of who and what they want to hear. Sometimes these expectations get in the way of an otherwise good reading. Spirit has to communicate the way they know how, and again it isn't like we have a direct phone line. Spirit has to communicate to the medium in symbols, sounds, feelings etc.. and each medium interprets these differently. Some who are new to dealing with mediumship don't understand the differences, and that's ok. What is really essential is for the Medium to be patient and confident, and for the querrant to be openminded and to write things down, not discounting anything outright. If these two things are established readings will be much more productive. This doesn't mean we should encourage a sitter to just believe everything they hear. There is a healthy level of skepticism where we are able to protect ourselves, but there is a fine line between that skepticism and the next degree which is "closed" or "cynical".

As a medium it can be difficult to gain confidence when you hear "no" No' No" all the time. I will tell you from experience that a great many of my most frustrating readings, later turned out to be some of the best ones. When people have time to reflect, a lot of those validations dawn on them all of the sudden. Some of the most beautiful letters I've received were from former skeptics, so don't despair if it feels like you are getting nowhere fast with someone. Trust in God, and trust in your connection to your source. Approach the reading with the highest degree of sincerity, respect, and gratitude and you wont be steered wrong. That's not to say you won't have an off day now and then, or that you won't run into the occasional extreme skeptic who just wouldn't believe you if you performed miracles. Faith in oneself is the most difficult aspect of Mediumship.

Another block to developing Mediumship skills are our common fears of death and the unknown. As you leap in and try your hand at Mediumship a lot of this will start to work itself out. Sometimes though it is difficult to even take the plunge into mediumship when these fears haven't been addressed at all.

Exercise 1:

Now is a good time for an exercise in dealing with fears. We have tackled quite a few in other parts of this book/course. For now this will focus on fears when it comes to Mediumship.

List your top 3 fears. Explore these in depth one at a time. In college when we were doing papers we had a brainstorming exercise where we took our topic, in this case one of your top fears, and put it in the center of our page with a circle around it. Coming out from that circle were all the thoughts and ideas we had on our subject, questions that came forward etc. This process helps to bring out all of these things to be organized and sorted through. This is a great way to start to deal with misgivings/fear etc. "brainstorm" it. Spend 20-30 minutes on this exercise. Don't try to organize your thoughts during the 'brainstorming" segment... that will come later as you review the branches. Do this exercise for each of your top 3, one per day or one per week...

Once you have done your first brainstorm, work on sorting through it. Answer any questions that came up, address any fears. Work through this for as long as it takes you to feel you have a good handle on what you've written. Then go to the next one. By the time you reach the end you should have a greater knowledge of yourself, your motivations, concerns, expectations, etc.


Channeling is usually a very personal thing. Some people choose to take that higher wisdom and use it to inspire others, but a great many people "channel" and don't realize they are doing it. Channeling is involved in healings, where we draw the healing energy into our crown, and move it through our bodies and into the person being healed. By being a channel it simply means you are receiving energy. Everything that is is composed of energy. Thoughts are energy.

Look at yourself as receiver, an instrument that allows communication to come through. Anytime you receive a communication from your guides, you are a channel, receiving that energy. Most times we associate "channeling' with those who transpose messages though, so for this course we will view channeling in that context.

Have you ever written or drawn something that seemed to come from someplace else? Have you ever been "Divinely inspired" to share a message with someone, or to write or create? Do you often perceive messages or suddenly have flashes of great wisdom? Any of these things can indicate a channeled message from your Higher Self, Guides or God.

Yes, we can all communicate with our source directly. "In the stillness you shall know me"... Sometimes we come into this information in dreams and other methods. In this lesson we will do a little experimenting with direct communication.

As we did in the first segment when we did the guided meditation to meet our guide, we want to do a similar exercise. Bring a notepad and pen, or a small tape recorder, and place it near your chair. Do your exercise of protection, and state your intention to the Holy Spirit / Divine/ Your Guide, whoever you wish to receive communication from. Relax, releasing any expectations.. and just relax as deeply as possible. You may find you see symbols, or hear something, or have a thought... just relax for 5-10 minutes or so and when you come out of your altered state, immediately record everything you perceived: feelings, signs, thoughts, words ... Continue to do these exercises as you are able, and record all that you perceive. The more you do this the more you are apt to pick up on... and since you have a written record things that you don't understand now may be validated later on. Be sure to write things down!

If you like to do the visualization meditation from the first part of the course, you could use it as well... and then record the experience upon coming back. This too would be a form of channeling.

Relax and enjoy, and let things come and go. Soon you will find that you are understanding more and more of what is coming through to you.

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