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Lesson V: Guided Visualization to Meet Your Spirit Guide

This is the final part of the "beginning" segment of the book, what will help you to fully connect with your Gaurdian Angel or Spirit Guide. It incorporates the other methods discussed in previous lessons up to this point.

For this lesson you will want to tape record the meditation, or you can purchase a copy of the meditation from me. My tapes have ocean waves in the background, and my voice guiding you at a slow relaxed pace. For the meditation we do focused breaths and more on the tape that I can't do in a written lesson. The cost is $10.00 which includes postage via Media Mail with No insurance. If you want insurance add $1.30 to the total price.
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If you don't choose to purchase the tape, you will want to tape record this lesson yourself so that you can do it the proper way.

The following is a guided meditation that leads you on a journey in which you will "warm up" your senses... and then leads you within your inner sanctuary to meet your Spirit guide.

The first thing you want to do is to sit straight up in a comfortable chair, feet flat on the floor. You may wish to say a prayer or state your intentions now. In whatever way feels comfortable to you, express gratitude, a sincere intent to work with your teacher, a prayer to God, and a request for safety in your travels.

When you are ready, Take a deep cleansing breath and begin your protection exercise. envision a golden white light (or whatever color makes you feel safe) coming down upon your crown. Watch as the light moves through you slowly going down through the head, the throat, into the torso, down the arms and out your fingertips. As the light comes out of your finger tips it surrounds your body encircling the outer parameters of your body with the light. The light proceeds down through your legs and into the floor/ground. Imagine this beautiful light pushing out all negative energy from your body. You're cleansed, refreshed, and safe.

Take a couple of deep breaths to relax...pushing away any tension or anxiety on the exhale.

Envision yourself walking down a path. Pay attention to what you see.

Without straining just relax and look about.

What do you notice as you casually stroll slowly down the trail.

Notice the colors, shapes, objects, and textures you see.

Continue to breathe slowly..
while walking at a comfortable relaxed pace, just enjoying the stroll letting the images come to you gently.

Listen to the breeze, to the calling birds, whatever sounds are here.

What can you hear as you stroll along?

Take a deep breath in.

What do you smell as the breeze blows? The smell of trees, flowers, what is here that you can see, hear, and smell?

Keep Walking, … slowly strolling, enjoying the walk down this path.

Feel the weather, feel the clothes on your body, feel what is around you. Notice the temperature.

Continue to stroll along,

Look to your right… what is there?

Take a deep breath

Look to your left… what do you notice?

Breathe slowly, nice and relaxed.

Look above you.

Take in all the sights, sounds, scents, and feelings as you continue to stroll along.

In the distance you see a small home.

This is a nice, cozy little home. It is very inviting.

Pay attention to what it looks like as you walk towards it.

Continue to walk towards the house taking in all that you perceive.

You are now in front of the house.

Walk up onto the stoop or porch but don't enter yet.

You are about to meet your Guardian Spirit. Your guide who is your highest teacher, who has been with you from the beginning. He/She is ready to meet you and to start learning how to communicate with you. You are very loved and accepted in this place.

Take another deep breath and on the exhale release any built up anxiety. making sure you feel as relaxed as possible.

When you are ready step up to the door of the house. Put your hand on the door.

Notice what it feels like, the temperature,

Take a deep breath and open the door.

There is a table and two chairs… Focus only on the empty chair and take yourself to it.

Sit down in the chair and look up:

The person sitting before you is your Guardian Spirit.

What do you see?

If you are to overwhelmed at first that is OK, they know your intentions and will wait for you.

When you are ready you may speak to him/her or simply sit and be in their presence.

When you are ready, express your gratitude and gently rise and push your chair in.

Turn to the door and walk out of the house.

Make your way back slowly.

Know the first time that you do this, it may be very overwhelming emotionally. Don't let that deter you. The house you have just visited is your inner sanctuary away from all the concerns and troubles of the physical realm. This is the place you can always return to at any time when you need comfort, guidance, and / or to move forward on your personal path to growth.

The more you do this exercise in combination with the exercises of the other lessons, the clearer your other senses will become, and you will be better able to perceive your guides/ messages. Just be patient and keep at it… it will come stronger in time and there is so much you can learn here at your inner sanctuary.

Now the first part of your course is complete, and you have begun a wonderful journey in self discovery, exploration and learning. The only steps left now are to review all exercises and assignments insuring that you have completed them all. You also need to document your experience with this meditation. Take note of all you experienced, your thoughts on it, any disappointments etc. You want to do this! And keep it in your journal.

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