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Lesson II: How Does Spirit Communicate?

In this lesson we will learn various ways Spirit uses to communicate some of which you have most likely experienced and not even been aware of! Spirit & psychic communication can manifest through a variety of different means. In this lesson we will explore the different psychic senses, as well as other communication methods used by Spirit :).

First lets begin with some basic Terms:

Spirit Guide:
We all have at least one. We all have at least one who is with us from the day we are born . Most of us will also have some who will come and go at various stages in our lives. Their purpose is to aid us in one area, and when we have completed that life lesson they move forward as we do.

Spirit Guides can be different things... A ball of energy, Ascended Masters, Gaurdian Angels, Spirits who have or have not incarnated here before, animals , and more. I believe that "spirit" manifests for us in the way that is most comfortable and acceptable to us based on our backgrounds.

"Clear Sight" takes the forms of images or symbols shown to us through the third eye or minds eye. It is through this method that Spirit conveys imagery to us.

"Clear Hearing" Each person will experience this a little differently, but it is like hearing thoughts, or very fast whispers. Sometimes you will be able to make out letters or syllables, other times you will hear sounds like bells, or a dog barking... something that you hear in the mind and not the physical ears that contains a message. This is often at first hard to distinguish and many wonder if it is their own inner voice or truly the voice of Spirit. In our later lessons we will cover some ways of learning to distinguish.

"Feelings" This is also experienced in different ways and most of you have experienced this to one degree or another and just didnt recognize it. Ever walked into a room and just not felt right?? or someone gave you "bad vibes".. or vice versa you were instantly drawn to someone because their presence was soothing ? That's clairsentience or as it's more commonly referred to: Empathy or being an empath. Empaths are often called to do healing work, and can feel the needs of others and respond with various forms of energy healing. In mediumship or spirit communication, It also allows you to feel emotions of those you communicate with and sometimes even physical symptoms or characteristics of another. You can "feel" their personality, or their favorite things.

The process of relaxing the body and mind and being fully within the present moment. Although meditation is practiced in various religions, etc.. it does not have to be an intensely disciplined religious practice to be beneficial. Anyone can benefit from even just a few moments meditation. It's benefits are not just for "psychic" or spiritual development, it aids the mind/emotions as well.

Meditation is a process that relaxes the body and mind, allowing us to be receptive to messages from Spirit, and to our more subtle psychic senses.

In the First Lesson you began to learn a little bit about a very basic beginning form of meditation that allows you to still your mind and be within the moment. As you practice this more, the easier it will become and soon you will begin to be able to incorporate other forms and types of meditative work.

For now I want to concentrate on some other types of Spirit Communication you may have experinced and not been aware of!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a completely unrelated thought will seem to just "pop" into your head for no apparent reason?
Have you ever awakened, or just all the sudden had a song or piece of a song start repeating itself over and over in your head?
Have you ever had a dream of a loved one who has passed or a dream where you "travelled" and it was very lucid, ie felt extremely real at the time?
Have you ever in your peripheral vision noticed a squiggly light or catch a glimpse of a flash of something passing beside you but when you tried to focus on it with your physical senses it was gone?
Have you ever taken on a rapid and inexplicable burst of emotion happy or sad?

Often these are forms of spirit communication which are so subtle we scarcely notice, if at all. Particularly with songs I have found that when people begin to pay attention to the words of songs that pop into their heads there is often a message contained therein from Spirit or as direction from their Higher Self, and that is their way of sort of giving it to you "subliminaly".. ;)

Another common communication is when we receive guidance/visits via lucid dreams. If you are looking for guidance try asking your higher self or guides to communicate with you through your dreams. Keep a journal by your bed so that you can record your dreams as soon as you wake. You will find after awhile that you will notice patterns and remember more of what you experience while asleep. Dreams are powerful tools and wonderful sources of information. Different types of dream experiences and dream journaling methods are also covered a little later on in the book.

For now start trying to be more conscious of seemingly random thoughts, and interruptions to your thought patterns. Often Spirit whispers to us and we don't even notice it, dismissing it as imagination or folly. Sometimes these seemingly random events are our "higher selves' the part of us always linked directly to our source, giving us guidance and encouragement.

Try paying attention to all of these things for a week, while continuing to work on your relaxation meditation. Record anything in a journal that you observe. .. if you have any questions at the end of this week on these experiences or you want a second opinion email them to me at and we can discuss them more at length. Now is another good time for a plug ;).. you can also join my forum Achieving Psychic Awareness and post dreams there for interpretation, or you can go to the resource section of this book for links to great sites on dreams/interpretation etc.

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