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Beginning Psychic Skills Development : Lesson I Learning to Still the Mind

This is the first step in learning basic meditation methods and in preparing yourself to receive the subtle messages of Spirit communication.

Our first lesson delves into learning to relax our conscious mind. Often this is the most difficult part of the whole process, learning to still our thoughts and come to an inner sense of calm & quiet. Remember this is a new habit you are developing and plan on sticking with it without immediate gratification. More than learning to absolutely silence the mind, it is more of a process of learning to take control of your mind/thoughts. Knowing where they go and why, and how to bring them back to center and quiet them as much as possible.

You will want to work with this lesson first, until you are fairly comfortable with it before attempting to move forward. This is important so that you proceed step by step and not sabotage yourself by trying to do everything at once. Even if you are an all or nothing type, please do this step by step, taking as much time between lessons as you need. :) You'll be happier with the results if you do.

It is important to learn how to control and be conscious of our thoughts and emotions to be effective as a psychic and/or to be successful in meeting our guides. By being able to control our response to outside stimulus, we are better able to "tune in" to the more subtle frequencies involved in using the extra senses and/or communicating with spirit.

There are a few things to remember:

1) Don't struggle trying to force your mind to be silent, in the struggle itself you create more thoughts and sabotage the process. You should not "latch on' to thoughts either, let them 'float" by you, acknowledging your willingness to release them.
2) If you don't succeed at first don't give up. It takes time to develop a new habit. Don't be hard on yourself if you just don't get it the first few times. .. anything worth doing is worth the effort, and trust me this is worth the effort. the benefits are not just in developing psychically, the benefits of meditation are numerous and include increased energy, clearer thought process,& improved health on many levels.
3) Remember to find a time where you will not be interupted and a place as free from outside interference as possible. No music, TV, etc. There are times when you can use soothing music, but for the purpose of psychic development it is best to have a very quiet environment. It makes it easier to pick up on subtle energies around you.

As you start, you may wish to select a specific time of day, each day or as many days a week as you can. You will want to start off with a 5 minute time frame which you can increase as you progress. By choosing a specific time of day you are developing a habit, conditioning a response pattern and preparing your body and mind for the process of Meditation.

Once you have become more adept at relaxation and meditaiton you can remove the scheduled time and increase your meditation time, but for our purposes here, 5 minutes per day at around the same time if possible. Use this time to just deeply relax and become aware of yourself, the environment you are in, etc. etc. Total awareness naturally expands the consciousness.

Remove yourself from as much outside interference as possible.. if earplugs or covering the eyes helps you please consider adding them to your routine.

Learning to Relax the Mind:

Once you are ready to begin, stretch out and release any tensions you may be feeling in the body. You will want to do this exercise sitting and not laying down as we don't want to indicate to the body that it is time to sleep, just simply relax.

Sit in a comfortable but firm chair, not one that you slump down into.. you want to sit up straight with your back against the back of the chair, feet flat on the floor, and arms either rested gently on the arms of the chair, or down to your sides. You should be in an attentive but relaxed position.

Once you are situated take a deep breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth making the exhale longer than the inhale. As you exhale focus on pushing out any negative emotions, stress, etc that you may have built up within you. Do 3 -5 breaths, whatever it takes to help you start to feel the body relax. Each breath should have you relaxing even further.

Once you have done this just sit with your eyes closed. Try to just focus on the stillness. If thoughts seem to keep coming don't struggle against them trying to push them down... just allow them to come and go gently. Remove yourself from your thoughts and watch them "float" by. You Don' t want to attempt to catch them and analyze them, and you don't want to struggle against them... they just are, you just are. You can also do a visualization. Imagine yourself sitting in a quiet theater, there is a screen in front of you. On the screen appears anything that you need to know, that your higher self wishes you to know. Don't try to analyze the symbols, colors, or other messages, let them float on the screen.

Here there is no time limits , pressures, or outside influences, this is just you in the fullness of the present moment without regard to past or future. Enjoy being in this moment a while longer and then gradually bring yourself back with a cleansing breath.

Repeat this exercise until you have come to a place where you are comfortable in redirecting random thoughts for a minute or more before moving on. This most likely will not happen right away, so please don't get discouraged. Continue to practice this daily as you can.

As you get into this more you will find the time you spend may naturally increase just because of the sheer pleasure of taking a break from our "busy"ness. That's great and even if you don't get this right away you should start to feel the benefits almost immediately. Even just a minute or two of relaxed silence can change your perspective, give you new energy, and help you think clearer and concentrate better.

You may want to keep track of your experiences in a journal. Although we don't get into serious journaling until a little later in the course, you may want to start now.. just keeping track of your experience, what you achieved etc. When you look back on this down the road you will have a healthier appreciation for just how far you have come. You may also find that you received "answers" or "guidance' that you didn't recognize right away.

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