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Clairvoyance: Continued Development Information and exercises for continued development.

Clairvoyance is the ability of "clear sight" in which the psychic experiences messages in the form of pictures, colors, symbols etc. seen through the third eye or minds eye. This phenomenon is experienced differently within each individual, so I will cover some different ways that this may occur.

auras: Often strong clairvoyants can see the colors of the aura of individuals. The aura is comprised of 7 layers of electro-magnetic energy that flows through and around every living thing. By viewing the auras of another the psychic can interpret the emotions, blockages, illnesses etc. within the person.

Symbols: Often the psychic is shown a symbol that corresponds to a feeling or event. For example when I am doing readings and they show me balloons, it means talk about a birthday. We can each develop our own symbol language, and later on in this lesson we will learn how to do this.

Colors: Rather than being just literal, often we will perceive color around certain emotions. For example: Red may mean anger to you, so when you are picking up on someone's anger you may see red. For illness you may associate with another color, and may see this color around the affected area, this ties into aura reading, but doesn't have to be the same. I tend to experience this more as "feeling" and a color will appear to validate the empathic message I am receiving.

Pictures: sometimes pictures of a place appear like a snapshot, where we see almost a still photo of a place or an event. This usually comes as a brief flash. For others who are more strongly clairvoyant you may get a longer lasting snapshot, or you may see rapid series of images. Usually the more important aspects of these pictures stand out , they are bolder in appearance, or a strong feeling may accompany the image. There may be other ways that you will see things clairvoyantly, including dreams, visions, and more. The main thing to remember is that clairvoyant ability pertains to anything seen by the third eye.

Now we will explore some ways to further exercise the clairvoyant ability.

Stimulating the Brow Chakra: (important to note is that we should never just work with only the psychic sense chakra, but should make cleansing and balancing of ALL the chakras an important part of our daily rituals to retain balance and not harm ourselves) The Brow chakra is connected to clairvoyant ability. You can meditate and center the meditation around gently opening up and clearing this chakra. Don't try to force things. Close your eyes, Relax and picture this chakra, envision the white light coming into this chakra. State the mantra "cleanse and balance". When you do this you avoid trying to "force open" that chakra before you are ready. During this meditation pay attention to anything you see. It may be swirling color, it may be symbols, it may be nothing at all the first few times, and that's ok too. When you are ready it will happen, don't try to force things.

Establishing your own symbol language
You will want to come up with your own Symbol language to use with your readings. Communicate with your guides and let them know that you would like to establish this system. Start off simple and then add a few at a time. Record these in your journal. To start off with, you may want to come up with symbols for emotions, or a symbol for common things such as birthdays or symbols that would help you distinguish between the name of a person vs. the name of a place. For example, when I do readings and Spirit gives me a name of a person there is no symbol accompanying, but if they are telling me to name a place, they show me a green rectangle, which tome looks like a street sign, thus indicating to me "place" Another good thing to come up with may be colors or symbols that represent the emotions. For example, a message of caution to me comes up with the color of orange or yellow depending on the seriousness of the warning. This comes in handy trust me ;).

Below are some examples from my symbol language, yours will be different based on what feels right for you. Because I am most strongly clairaudient and empathic, my symbols are really just backups for me, and I really don't see as much as I hear. For others of you, your sense of second sight may develop more strongly, and you may use much more developed or in depth symbols.. again it's back to what feels right for you.
Here are my examples:

anger/jealousy: Reddish orange color for negative emotions
Warning or Caution: Yellow caution, orange is more of a warning.
B-days, anniversaries, celebrations: Balloons
Weddings/Anniversaries: Doves
Births or pregnancies: Pink/Blue (if you establish something like this never express gender unless they ask, and even then I still probably wouldn't ;).

You will also find that a lot of this will just occur spontaneously as you begin to read others. To reinforce them sit somewhere quiet. Think of what your symbol expresses. For example in mine, reddish orange indicates an angry or negative feeling, so I would sit and focus briefly on the feeling. Notice what you feel when you pick up on anger from others (Note empaths I said pick up not take on ;) )... envisioning the color or symbol while focusing on the accompanying feeling helps reinforce the new "language" for you and allows you to develop it more rapidly.

Other exercises:

Review the visualization from lesson five of the first course, this is a good one to use in developing all the senses, but in particular the ability of second sight.

Meditate or relax with your eyes closed. Cover your eyes so that no physical light comes through to obstruct the following exercise. Relax, take the attention off of your physical eyes, and just sort of drift. You will start to notice swirly colors perhaps, or little dots of white light, just let this flow and as you do you may start to notice shapes or images in these swirls and patterns. Don't focus on the expectation of it, or you may miss something. The key to success with these exercises is to just let things come to you in their own time. This is a lot like the first exercise of stimulating the brow chakra. This is a good one to use after you have been developing for awhile and now how to open/close the chakras at will. As you become comfortable doing this, you may ask that your totem animal or spirit guide appear to you. Wait patiently and see if they appear, if not know that they will when the time is right, and don't become impatient.

Finally, continue developing your symbol language as we discussed, record this progress in your journal and every couple of weeks make a brief report of anything significant as far as blocks or breakthroughs.

Remember time and patience have to prevail. It will come to you. Some "see" things faster than others, and many others don't use second sight really at all, that's fine as well. Most people feel that the best psychics are most strongly clairvoyant. I personally believe that is a misconception, and that all psychic abilities are equally special and important. Don't fixate on developing one ability over another because of preconceived notions or expectations. You may just end up slowing the whole process down. Start in the area most natural to you, where you are strongest, and you will find the rest tend to follow.

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