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The Lovers Tarot CardThe Lovers Tarot Card

In the more literal sense, this card indicates a new or renewed love bond, a deepening of a love relationship.

In other types of readings, this card tends to indicate uniting of opposites in other ways, perhaps reaching an agreement or compromise with someone or a blending of one’s analytical skills or logic with creativity. In some way, there is a unity of opposites that brings harmony.

This is a time where it is in your best interests to work to unite with others rather than compete. How can you bring people together in the spirit of cooperation? The unity of every person’s unique talents and strengths can move mountains.

This card also speaks of taking some time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. If you’ve been working too hard take a little time to enjoy bonding with your loved ones over a relaxing or rejuvenating activity.

A lovers tarot reading is always about unity and harmony, finding what creates this rather than focusing on polarity.

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