Know Thyself Tarot Reading for Personal Growth

know thyself tarot spread

I designed this spread to “dig deep”, and I use it myself when I find myself in a rut, or when I just want to challenge myself to reach my fullest potential. This reading is a fascinating look into our hidden desires and motivations, the things that subconsciously hold us back, a road map to our greatest natural strengths, and an action plan for our life’s challenges.

Gain insight into your life path, your goals, and your greatest potential. This reading will make you think and will help you to grow and heal. It is currently one of my most popular spreads. My clients who have had it done have told me they have learned things about themselves that they weren’t previously aware of and that it brought great clarity.

The Positions and Their Meanings

  • Position 1: Focus:
    What life lessons are being presented to you at this time and where are you headed?
  • Position 2: Goals:
    What areas of growth should you focus on now?
  • Positions 3 & 4 Strengths:
    These positions highlight your natural talents, greatest achievments, and your strongest qualities.
  • Positions 5 & 6 Challenges:
    These positions highlight areas of challenge, things to grow through, obstacles to continued growth , things that you may be doing to stand in your own way.
  • Position 7: Your Hopes:
    highlights the dreams and goals you want to manifest for yourself
  • Position 8: Your Fears:
    Highlights any insecurities, fears, self-doubt that may be sabotaging you
  • Position 9: Hidden Dreams:
    This position highlights goals and aspirations you may not even realize you have, hidden talents etc.
  • Position 10: Hidden Truths:
    This position highlights things that you may be avoiding, or things that you need to be more aware of in your present circumstance(s)
  • Position 11: Action Plan:
    What steps can you take now to promote further growth and to make use of your fullest potential?
  • Position 12: Meditation & Reflection:
    This card is used to combine the wisdom of all the other cards into working affirmations and visualizations to keep you focused and encouraged.
  • Position 13: Summation:
    summary of the combined message of all the cards in the previous positions.

Price: $15.95


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