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Body Mind & Spirit Free Tarot Reading

Use this free 3 card tarot spread to promote and enhance “whole being wellness”. We are complex beings with rich inner lives that are often viewed as separate, but are intimately linked. Have you ever been ill and it led to feelings of depression? Or vice versa, have you ever felt blue and noticed you had no physical stamina? This illustrates how body, mind and spirit all work together – for better or worse.

Focus on whole being wellness and you’ll see improvement in all areas.

Before drawing your 3 tarot cards, take a moment to clear your mind and set positive intent. Take a deep breath and focus on the following Mantra: “Please share with me what is for my highest good at this time body, mind, and spirit.”

*Important* Each card you select will open up in a new window, be sure to turn off pop-up blockers if you are having difficulty with the free reading feature.  Thank you.