The Fool Free 3 Card Tarot Reading


This is a card of learning, being open-minded and embracing alternatives. In regards to health, it can indicate a need to be a bit more forward thinking or less for the moment. ” Consider the long-term benefits and consequences of your actions. A good time to consider developing new habits that promote good health.


The fool speaks of keeping an open mind and making the most of the present moment. In this card, he is on the path enjoying the journey itself. He doesn’t look backward and he’s not overly concerned about the future. As a result, he puts his full attention where he has the most power – the present.


The fool card speaks of enthusiasm for life, not looking back with regret or fearing what might happen in the future. He has a sense of adventure and places faith in himself and the universe. This allows him to live fully in the moment and as a result, his life is more enriched and fulfilled. Look for ways to embrace wholeness in your life right now and stop postponing joy is the spiritual message of this card.

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