five of wands tarot cardThe Five of Wands


This is a card of upheaval and conflict, not able to get to the heart of the matter due to conflict. In regards to physical well-being, this card can indicate a tendency to chase symptoms rather than address the underlying cause/source of a condition.

When you continually take aspirin for a headache they tend to recur until the underlying cause is found and eliminated. When this card comes up you are asked to get to the root cause of any challenges present if you want to truly be well.


In this card, the five men are fighting with each other. Each of them is so busy trying to hit the other guy and defend themselves at the same time that nothing is getting solved. These fellows would sure find answers faster if they would put down their staffs and find some order.

This is a card that symbolizes both internal and external conflicts within yourself and perhaps even with others. This card comes up when someone’s needs are not being met. Rebelliousness and getting so caught up in defending one’s own position/ideas that nothing is getting through.

There are likely inner conflicts between your “heart” and your “head” present when this card appears. Five’s can indicate a resistance to learning or not seeing something as it truly is. You are called upon to be very honest and objective in order to solve an inner crisis.


This is a card of inner conflict and some form of turmoil that makes it difficult to hear the call of your Spirit or higher self. In this card, the men are all fighting and nothing is getting accomplished. At this point, you may have no clear goal or certainty of what you truly want/need.

A need to silence the mind chatter so that you can reconnect spiritually and find more clarity. Wrestling with conflicts is exhausting. In silence, true answers make their way forward.

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