Email Tarot Readings with Christin

Email Tarot Reading.  I will give you an in-depth, customized Tarot reading via email for only $10 per question.

My readings are done personally and never software generated. I do all readings myself with an actual Tarot deck.   Quality takes a bit of time, but real readings are far superior to software generated readings.  Once payment is received you will have your reading in 1-5 business days max.

I am an experienced Tarot reader and intuitive with nearly 30 years of experience.  I treat all my clients with the respect, compassion, and consideration they deserve. No, I won’t simply tell you what I think you want to hear.  My job is to be honest about what I see and to give you a well-rounded perspective on whatever situation you are seeking guidance for.

Starting 7/1/2017 I have changed the process of ordering an email reading to simplify it for you and for me.  You may now order a reading by asking any question for $10.00.

I will use or create a spread that will cater best to your unique situation.  You will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind professional reading from me that is made just for you!  No software generated readings!

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Want to learn more about how email Tarot readings work and my technique for doing them? Read my post where I walk you through my process.  Learn More….

Tarot Readings Available by Email

 I will no longer be offering multiple spreads for varying prices.

If you are a current client and have questions or want to make a specific request I’m happy to do that for you and feel free to contact me

However, in the interests of simplifying this site and my services; I have decided after 16 years to go this route for a variety of reasons which I will detail in an upcoming blog post.