Email Readings

I have a variety of readings available by email.  Email readings are simple and affordable to order and take about 3 – 5 days on average to receive.  Remember, I do all readings myself with an actual Tarot deck – not a software package.  Quality takes a bit of time; but real readings are far superior to software generated readings.

Every email reading offered here is under $20

Want to learn more about how email Tarot readings work and my technique for doing them? Read my post where I walk you through my process.  Learn More….

Email Readings Available

Click on the titles of each spread to learn about it in greater detail or make a purchase.

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  • Simple 3 Card Tarot Reading:  This reading is best when focused on a very specific situation, and includes past, present and near future influences.
  • Six Card Diamond: This is my original spread.  You can use it for deeper insight into a specific situation, or for an overall outlook more general reading.
  • Which Path: This spread is designed to look at a choice between two specific things.  Great when facing a crossroads in life.  For example “Should I stay where I am or take the new job opportunity across town”.  Any situation where you have two choices facing you can be looked at thoroughly with this spread.
  • Career Tarot Spread: This spread is designed to look at your natural and hidden strengths, talents and challenges.  We spend so much of our lives working; it’s important to ensure your career path, or one you may be considering, is a good fit for you.
  • Relationship Spread: Look at the dynamics of any relationship from a romantic connection to a business partner.  This reading looks at compatibility and the strengths and challenges each person brings to the relationship.
  • Know Thyself: This is a great spread for learning about your true strengths, your hidden motivations, and who you truly are at your core.  Use it to help yourself overcome life challenges and enhance your natural gifts.
  • Yearly Forecast Calendar Spread: Popular around birthdays or the New Year; this spread looks at emerging patterns and possibilities from today through the next twelve months.
  • Traditional Celtic Cross Spread: This is the traditional 10 card spread you’ve likely seen many times before. It can deeply explore a specific situation or be used to provide a general forecast by looking at a variety of factors.

Not sure what spread to use?  Feel free to contact me with any questions or consider a live reading.  Live readings are affordable and give you the opportunity to ask a variety of questions.