Email Tarot Card Reading

Get answers and guidance to your most pressing concern now with a fully personalized tarot reading via email.  I do all readings myself with an actual deck of cards – NEVER a software package. The best email Tarot reading is one customized to your specific needs and I use my nearly 30 years of experience to deliver comprehensive, detailed results to all my clients.

Your reading will be performed using a customized spread designed specifically for your query and will be delivered to you in a timely manner (1 or 2 business days max).

Why choose an email reading with me?

I am a psychic intuitive Tarot reader with 28 years of experience.  Spiritual Guidance Tarot has been here since 2001 and I have a spotless Paypal business record.

I take your privacy very seriously and you never have to worry about me sharing or selling your information.  I have clients literally all over the world who seek me out for my professional guidance because I believe in empowerment and motivation.

Since this site’s inception; I have been passionate about providing guidance and wisdom that helps people grow and heal.  I believe in affordable professional services that allow me to continue my work while providing exceptional value to my clients.

How Does an Email Reading Work?

Ordering a reading is simple and painless.  Click the payment button below.  When you make your payment securely via PayPal; you will have a space to leave a message for the seller.  That is where you can put your question(s).

If you do not see that option – no worries! I will email you and ask for your question after I receive your payment.

If you have more than one question, you can simply select more than one when you make your purchase.

Ready to order? Great!  Still unsure? Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the process or concerns.


Having issues making a payment? Contact me.

Good Questions for Tarot

A single question is just that – a single question that pertains to one subject.  A good example might be “I have two options for a new job and I’d like to know what choice looks the strongest ABC company or 123 business

Here is a query that would be two questions.

There is a job opening in another department I am thinking about applying for.  Should I apply and are my chances good at getting it? Or should I wait and see if I get promoted in my current department? Also, I’ve been considering a career change to nursing – so would that be a better option for me than my current career as an accountant?  – This is a multifaceted query that would require two questions and be $20.

You have to decide which is the best option for you of course :).  If you have concerns, feel free to ask before you order.

This type of reading allows you to answer one, or many, questions that I will address specifically in a reading created just for you.

This feature of custom readings and per question charge has been a frequent request of many of my clients and I’m happy to offer it going forward.  I understand choosing your own spreads can be difficult.  This type of reading makes life easier for all of us :).

Thank you for considering an email reading with me!