chariot tarot cardThe Chariot

The Chariot speaks of determination, drive and the power of momentum. Have you been feeling motivated lately? or are you struggling to find your energy and reach your goals? If you feel exhausted on most days, it is an indication that you are either not pursuing the right goal, or that your lack of planning or organization is tripping you up.

The Charioteer in this card has a set destination and plan to get there. He’s so crystal clear about his objective, that even roadblocks can’t stop him. He can quickly navigate around and get right back on his path.

This card speaks of the necessity for a dream or objective that makes you feel driven, combined with a solid plan broken down into steps, that will get you there.

What is your ultimate goal? Does it make you feel the drive and passion needed to overcome any obstacle? If so, you are on the right path. If not, take some time to reassess the direction you are headed as it is likely going to lead to disappointment.

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