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Career Tarot Reading via Email

Did you know the average person spends 30% of their life working? That’s a very large part of your life – are you making the most of this time?

Those who are fulfilled in their career path lead healthier, richer lives overall. This custom spread will help you explore your hidden talents, and better understand the unique challenges you face. You can analyze your current path, or perhaps take a look at a potential new direction. You’ll gain insight into how your career choices fit with your personality and abilities. Use this spread to draw more passion into your career.

This custom spread is one I created myself.  It looks at many different career-related areas to help you better understand the specific needs you have and things you must avoid if you want to be fulfilled in your career/job.

The Positions and Their Meanings

  • Position 1:
    Focus: Where you are now and what surrounds your current situation.
  • Position 2:
    Ambition: What motivates your career concerns? Highlights drive and initiative, the mindset behind current circumstances.
  • Position 3:
    Goals: This card highlights your long-term goals, what you need to in order to feel fulfilled within your career.
  • Position 4:
    Talents and Strengths: This card highlights your hidden or not so hidden talents, your greatest personal strengths that can be taken into your career.
  • Position 5:
    Current Challenges & Obstacles: this card highlights present challenges and/or obstacles to your goals, things to grow through, or help you to make the decision to move in a new direction.
  • Position 6:
    What direction can I take to make the best use of my fullest potential? An action plan to get you moving in the right direction
  • Position 7:
    Hidden Aspects: This card highlights anything that needs to be brought to light that the querrent may be unaware of at present.
  • Position 8:
    Near Future Influences: This card highlights choices and influences likely to occur within the next 6 months
  • Position 9:
    Summation: This card is an overview of all the other positions designed to pull the reading together and highlight courses of action and key points to stay focused on.

Price: $12.00



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