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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone :)

I hope that all of you are embracing this new year with a great deal of hope and enthusiasm. I know that many of us start off that way – with big lofty goals and then as our enthusiasm wanes (and it will if your goals are too large) we tend to let things fall by the wayside.

I believe very much in setting small, daily goals that build up into larger goals. If you need to lose 50 pounds for example – start with a goal to exercise more this week and lose just one or two – then make that goal again and repeat :) This is more attainable and will keep you on target more than thinking about the “top of the mountain” – focus instead on each step of the journey and consider it a piece of your victory also to savor and celebrate.

Enjoy your new year everyone. I have many plans for Spiritual Guidance Tarot – many of which got started last year and are now carrying over. You can also visit my sister site to learn more about animal totems and how to work with animal symbolism at http://www.totemwisdom.com

Looking for more free Tarot readings online? There are many of them at the following link, reviewed and linked for your convenience – so please bookmark and share the following location: http://www.freeonlinetarot.net

Thanks and lets make it a great year

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