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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do Tarot numbers mean? How Numerology Applies to Tarot Readings

Have you ever pulled cards and noticed an abundance of the same number showing up? If so, it means that this particular number is also reflecting meaning within the reading. One thing I tend to see on a somewhat frequent basis are 2 two’s in a row.

Two’s in tarot tend to represent balance and decisions. In numerology 2 tends to speak of being at a crossroads or needing to “pick a path” as it were. The 2 cards, in 2 consecutive positions therefore might tell me that this particular choice would be one of great importance leading me to focus more on that aspect of the spread than others.

All Tarot cards are numbered. The Major Arcana all have Roman Numerals. The double digits can be reduced down to their single digits by adding the two digits together until you can form a single digit.

For example the Death card being the number 13 would reduce as 1 + 3 = 4 and 4 would be it’s number within a spread.

Every number in Tarot has a meaning and to be honest, I don’t really apply numerology a whole lot to Tarot because I feel as a general rule, the card messages and the intuitive guidance I am receiving far outweigh any Numerology definitions. However, when you see a lot of a number – just like when you see a lot of reversals or a lot of the same suit etc. It means that it does have more of an influence on the overall spread.

Numerology is often great at pointing out how a querrent is approaching a situation or how they view themselves within that environment.

So, when reading Tarot if there is an uncanny amount of the same number within the same spread, I do pay close attention to how that number ties into the “whole” of the reading, and not merely the positions it is drawn in.

It is nice to know the numbers and their meanings however and I have posted them on my Hub at hubpages in full detail. Tarot Numerology Hub Enjoy!

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